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Recital Time

Join the Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra and StradHouse Studios for an afternoon of music and friendship.

Sunday, September 23rd, at 1:30 PM at

Phoenix Friends Meeting

1702 E Glendale Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85020

We will have the first joint Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra concert and StradHouse Studios’ Recital.

Join us for an afternoon of music, inspired playing, wonderful young musicians and dedicated returning amateurs.

Admission is free, only cost is boisterous applause and support of this fine group of artists. See you there!

ugly cello.png

Join the Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra.

  This is our inaugural season and we couldn't be more excited! The second session is already upon us. Time truly does fly when you are having fun! We have had such an amazing response from people that have joined and those eager to join the upcoming session II.

Fun, friends, music, that is what we are about!                

When: October 11th thru December 9th with no rehearsal during Thanksgiving week.

Where:  At the Stradivari House of Phoenix violin shop.  Address listed above.

Proceed to the orchestra page for more information and please let us know your interested with a bit of info to keep you in the loop.  


Attention Attention for this public service announcement

The P.R.O. is in need of basses. If you or anyone you know wishes to bring your bass skills to light look no further, we the musicians pf the P.R.O. need you! come join us for our opening rehearsal and see if this group is right for you. No obligations or payment is necessary for a trial visit.

See you in rehearsal!

At this time, rentals are available in-store only.  All rental instruments are available for purchase online.