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HUGE NEWS!!! Dear Phoenix, 

We will be closed Saturday 8\12\17 until Wednesday 8\17\17

You have been so good to us over the years our small shop is no longer able to contain the work and excitement of serving our community.  Therefore we are moving the shop to a larger space to accommodate the growing needs of the music community.  Of course our email and phone lines will be working so please call or message us about any questions or need s you may have about your gear.  While we may not be able to answer immediately we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Thank you.


Welcome to the Stradivari House of Phoenix, the premier violin shop in Phoenix for those who wish to learn more about the wonderful world of stringed instruments, and require only the best care for your cherished family heirlooms to your young child's first violin. 

My name is Aquiles Figueroa, owner and operator. I have always held fast to the idea that the best way to become a better people is to cultivate ourselves.  My offering to you and the world is my love of music and maintaining the wonderful instruments needed for music, our unique gift.

My shop is located in the heart of uptown Phoenix.  Here, I teach students of all ages and abilities, repair and restore the myriad violins, violas, and cellos that come to my doorstep, pursue my new found passion of bow making in the classic, time honored French tradition, and offer a wonderful selection of instruments for rent and purchase.

From fine instruments spanning the globe to the highest quality ready to play rental instrument packages, I grow this business with one objective in mind; help build and support the arts in Phoenix, and ensure that everyone has a chance to experience the joy and profound fulfillment of being a musician.

At this time, rentals are available in-store only.  All rental instruments are available for purchase online.