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“...I think issues and problems are enormous but solution is one and that is simple, that is education.

— Malala Yousafzai    

Violin Studio of Aquiles Figueroa

Lessons Lengths

Students will be assigned an appropriate lesson length after the first interview.  Either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the maturity level and age of the student as determined by the instructor.

Lesson Materials:

All students will need

  1. Violin and bow in good working order
  2. Shoulder rest (appropriate size)
  3. Rosin (Apply in lesson)
  4. Extra set of strings
  5. Cloth for cleaning the violin after every practice.
  6. Music stand (at home)
  7. Music (sheet music, practice journal, and pencil)

Note: Depending on the level of each student, the teacher will determine which music to buy.

Responsibility of the Parents

For younger students, a parent must be present during the lesson.  A notebook and pencil are invaluable tools for developing an effective 'home lesson'. Parental involvement is essential, as you become a necessary guide for student practice and developing a solid technical foundation on the violin.  A recording device at lessons is highly recommended but not required.

Note: For very young students aged 5 to 9, depending on his or her capacity for concentration, shorter 'mini lessons' (15 minutes) twice a week may be in order and should be taken under advisement.

Scheduling Conflicts

Enrollment in this studio is a commitment of time and resources on your part, one that I am keenly aware of.  As such I will endeavor above all else to be present and prepared for your student at every lesson as long as you are enrolled.  A schedule for the Autumn, Spring and Summer sessions will be explained and detailed to you, the parent, at the first lesson.  Your tuition payments are to ensure this time remains dedicated to your child throughout these sessions.  Should a conflict arise where the student is unable attend, payment will be required for that time allotted nonetheless.  In the exceedingly rare circumstance that I am unable to attend a lesson a makeup will be rescheduled at your earliest convenience.  However, do keep in mind, I am not a tyrant.  In the event of utter catastrophe or meteor strike lessons may be rescheduled.

Note: If siblings must attend lessons, they should not be a distraction. They are allowed to bring books, homework, quiet toys, or other non distracting activities. For the safety of your children and the quality of the lesson, I cannot allow children to remain unattended. Parents are responsible for extra children in my studio; I am responsible for providing a quality music education.


Responsibilities of the Students

  1. Be prepared for the lesson.
  2. Practice your assignment everyday.
  3. Bring your violin/bow/shoulder rest and music to all lessons. 
  4. Arrive five minutes before the lesson to set up your instrument quietly.
  5. Be ready to have fun, make music, and be challenged!

Note: The teacher has the right to refuse lessons to students who come without their music or instruments. Student will lose that lesson, with no rescheduling or refund of the tuition.

          Students who arrive late for the lesson will only have the remainder of their allotted time for the lesson.  

During the lesson

  • Questions for the teacher are always welcomed and encouraged.
  • Be prepared to have discussion and interaction with the teacher at any moment.
  • Students are encouraged to make notes and write in the music with a pencil.

After the lesson

  • Students are responsible for the take care of their instruments and music outside of the studio
  • Students are responsible to practice a minimum of 6 days a week 20 minutes a day. Consistency is critical.
  • Efficiency of the practice session is more important than the length of the practice session.
  • Always set a goal for each practice session, as your violin instructor I teach you the steps to practice your violin efficiently, you are responsible to follow the steps and be your own teacher at home.
  • If you have any questions during the weekday concerning violin practice, please feel free to call or email me anytime.

Payment/ Tuition

- Tuition is based on lessons per month
One hour lesson: $45
30 minute lesson : $30


Depending on the month of the year, 4 or 5 lessons will given in a month. 4 one hour lesson a month will be $180, 5 one hour lesson a month will be $225. etc.

Payment is charged to a saved card at the last lesson of each month for the next month of lessons. A $5 late fee will be charged if tuition is not received on time.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, credit and debit card. Please make checks payable to Stradivari House.


Involvement in Orchestras

All students are strongly encouraged to join their school orchestra, to learn leadership and supporting roles in an orchestral setting.
All students (when ready) will be encouraged to try out for All-State, All District, and the following community youth orchestras:

  • -Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra
  • -Phoenix Youth Symphony
  • -Metropolitan Youth Symphony
  • -West Valley Youth Orchestra
  • -Tucson Philharmonia Youth Orchestra
  • -ProMusica Arizona (PMAZ) Youth Orchestra 

Note: Students are encouraged to bring their orchestral music to lesson for all questions technical, musical, metaphorical, and mineral. I will be happy to work with my students in preparation for orchestra auditions and chair try-outs.

At this time, rentals are available in-store only.  All rental instruments are available for purchase online.