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Stradivari House

2440 W Mission lane suite 9

Phoenix, AZ 85021

email: support@stradhouse.com

phone: 602-821-8142

(this number does not support text messaging)

The shop will be closed Saturday 9/4/21 for Labor Day. 

regular hours will resume 9/7/21.  

Have a great weekend.

The shop is now on appointments only mode and will be potentially for the near to medium future.  

Of course this is in response to the global pandemic currently in full swing. 

I will be here as much as I can repairing, restoring, making, and setting up instruments as close to shop hours as I can. 

In addition, cleaning and sterilizing all surfaces and anything anyone might touch like instruments, cases, doors, handles, walls, etc. 

Please call ahead before you make the trip out, as this is a small family business I am subject to outages in toddler childcare and any illness that might befall my little shop and cannot remain open if I present a concern to peoples' health.


Thank you for understanding, the website is always online and shopping thru the site is always available.  If you have questions about product availability, instrument repair, special orders, lessons, or anything else string related please feel free to call or email.  

Thank you for understanding, shop local when you can it keeps families alive.

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