There's nothing quite getting to experience a string orchestra up close and personal.  Whether you've experienced it a hundred times or it's your first performance, attending a concert is an opportunity to connect with the music and experience the way the musicians blend their sounds together to create beautiful harmony that reaches into the human soul.

At Stradivari House, we work with string instruments because we love moments just like these. That's why we were proud to be part of the Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra (PRO), a string orchestra that brought together local musicians from across the valley and from nearly every walk of life. From teachers, lawyers, musicians, accountants, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, and so many more backgrounds, the makeup of our group represented everything that makes Phoenix a great city to live in. And despite our differences, one thing  we all had in common an absolute love of music and playing together.


The PRO was an inredible opportunity to make new friends and connect with other musicians in our community, and even thought the orchestra isn't together many still play together in small ensembles.  Subscribe to our page and follow Stradivari House on social media to stay-up-to-date on all of our future musical projects, and we hope to see you soon!