Widely regarded as "the reference standard" Dominant strings, made with a highly flexible, multi-stranded synthetic core, provide the tonal warmth and feel of a gut string while being impervious to changes in humidity. The sound is soft, clear with a stable intonation and they are rich in overtones.

Thomastik Dominant Set 135B

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  • Strings can only be returned in an unopened package new un-used condition, 14 days within receipt of product.  Refund of charge is at the discretion of Stradivari House after inspection of product condition.  Any refund issued may take 10 to 20 business days to process.

  • Strings in an unopened package can be saved for quite while.  Keep in mind however that many of the metals in strings like silver, steel, and nickel can tarnish or corrode over time even in a sealed package.  So don't wait too long to use your fabulous new strings.